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    [Delivered] URL double check
    Idea posted December 11, 2013 by Casper BrasserRegular, last edited February 1, 2016 by Mandy SchiffrinWhiz, tagged Virtual Assistant 
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    [Delivered] URL double check
    User Story / Description:

    Today I got a request for 18 new mode lquestions. While creating them, I noticed that some of the proposed model questions already existed through the 'did you mean' screen. However, sometimes the proposed model question differs to mcuh from an existing one for it to show up in the did you mean screen. And while not showing in the 'did you mean' screen, the answer url could be the same.

    At ABN AMRO we have the policy that every question must be unique. In other words; there can never be more than one modelquestion to an url.

    My idea is that model questions should not only be compared on the modelquestion itself, but also on it's answer url. Should you place an url in the 'add ew answer' field that's already in use in another modelquestion, it should raise a red flag.

    This way you prevent multiple questions to the same page (unless that is what you want, off course).


    Casper Brasser
    Contentmanager at ABN AMRO



    • Mandy Schiffrin

      Hi Casper,

      You have absolutely the best practice with regards to bundling all the questions that lead to the same answer together - that is the best way to keep your DB uncluttered and the match results sharp.

      I'm just wondering though whether you might not be able to achieve the same functionality with the current product as it is today, by carrying out an "Answer by wildcard" search (in Content Management > Q & A, in the left hand side bar under "Search options", "Search type")?  Admittedly you'd have to do this before trying to create the question, but I think it will give you the same result.

      Anyway, I like the idea and I will bear it in mind for the future.