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    Update Response Requirement Holidays without having to...
    Idea posted December 16, 2013 by Colin CampbellExpert, tagged Incident Management, Reporting, System Admin and Configuration 
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    Update Response Requirement Holidays without having to reapply SLA instances
    User Story / Description:

    Since the RN system is unable to define generic holidays for the response requirements we have to add a set of holidays every year.

    Without wanting to break any historical information we are unable to change the date of a previous holiday as this would impact the previous data (especially in the rare situation where an incident is over 1 year old)

    So we decided to add holidays for 2014, 2015 and 2016 in advance though as soon as we applied them to the existing SLAs we had to reapply all of the instances to the contacts and organisations.

    Doing a export and reimport to apply the various contact and org rules in place took about 2.5 hours due to the size of the database being worked on.

    The enhancement request is to allow the ability to update Holiday Values against Service Levels and Response Requirements without needing to reapply SLA instances





    • Neil

      I'm really surprised that noone else has supported this idea. This must be so sooo tedious for RightNow Admins to deal with.

      I'd like to add my wholehearted support to this idea.

    • Ryan Schofield

      The whole way OSC handles holidays is just...odd. It needs a common sense overhaul. This should be considered in conjunction with the generic holidays Idea. There is SO much manual effort to maintain holidays that just shouldn't be necessary.

    • Brian L.

      Real pain point here. Having to export and re-import contacts just to get an updated SLA applied is ridiculous. Would like to hear the justification for the way SLAs are currently applied in OSvC.

    • Colby Ross

      Working on a solution for a new client right now. This is something they could really benefit from and is officially getting my vote.