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    Ability to change all activities, what ever their scheduled...
    Idea posted August 11, 2016 by Matt GrayRegular, tagged Field Service 
    Ability to change all activities, what ever their scheduled date, at once
    User Story / Description:

    OFS has brilliant functionality to return any activity scheduled or unscheduled based on Activity number etc using the search box at the top right of the main screen. A great addition would be the ability to edit those returned activities in bulk.

    I'm aware that a combination of the List view and filters can be used to return activities that can then be edited in bulk but that is only if the activities appear in a single time period selected (1 day, 2days, 3days, week) from the calendar.

    A combination of the two would be useful where the general search results, without time restriction can be selected for bulk editing. Not a major suggestion but from our perspective a handy one to have available.