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    A simpler way to see any 'CC address fields' on the...
    Idea posted December 14, 2015 by Cherrelle Docherty'OrdRookie, tagged System Admin and Configuration 
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    A simpler way to see any 'CC address fields' on the messages tab
    User Story / Description:

    currently we have to view raw data and view in notepad to identify the CC address copied into the email from the customer. This option should be pulled through as part of the thred from the customer



    • AndrewI

      Our organization would also like this. Currently we have had to write a custom report and display this on the incident workspace (our agents aren't technical enough to trawl through the headers), but this isn't ideal as it isn't shown in-line with the incident thread.

      We also have multiple OSC instances so have to do this on each instance. It would be much better if the Incident Thread could show the cc list (even if it was in a pop-up similar to the message header, as cc lists can sometimes be quite large). Even better would be to show the full From, To, cc, and subject lines, as any standard mail client does.