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    [Delivered] Make Google Maps available again
    Idea posted October 20, 2016 by Michael BossertRegular, last edited May 25, 2017 by Mike WierzbowskiSpecialist, tagged Field Service 
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    [Delivered] Make Google Maps available again
    User Story / Description:

    US Cellular would like Oracle to support both Google Maps and Oracle Maps.

    When US Cellular went to 16.2, Google Maps was replaced by Oracle Maps and USCC has had nothing but issues and complaints on a daily basis.

    There were many robust features in Google maps that are not in this version of oracle maps. The users are complaining that they
    liked the Google map implementation better and would like to know what would it take to go back to the Google map implementation.

    Example, Google Maps had satellite view. They used it and liked it in OFSC. They want that functionality using Oracle Maps.

    Here are the issues they are encountering:

    1. Slow response drawing the maps and placing activities, resources on it.
    2. Missing Satellite view.
    3. Details missing on maps. Landmarks and Retail listings.
    4. zooming problematic in chrome but ok in firefox.
    5. Breadcrumbs missing.



    • Pete Coonerty

      I agree with this.  A great idea.  Oracle Maps is a backwards step in the product.

    • Zsolt

      I like this idea also, but I think it's not have a reality. So over that this list can be treated as a wishlist for Oracle Maps, as my previous post related to this topic:

    • Ary Dynerman

      We hope to have that option too.

    • Mohana Gopal

      I agree with this.

    • Hasan Yavuz

      I agree with this.

    • Pete Coonerty

      I agree

    • Matias Perrone

      I agree

    • Anand Manurkar

      Totally agree with this. I believe using Google Map or Oracle map made available as an option within OFSC will only make the product more stronger.

      Customer's do request for features that Google maps provides and Oracle Maps does not

       For eg.

      1) Traffic view in google maps.

      2) Satellite view in google map.

    • Zsolt

      Hi all,

      Good news from "OFSC 17.2 Release Notes"

      Google maps support: Google Maps is available starting with the 17.2 production release of Oracle Field
      Service Cloud. The following features are included:
      • Address geocoding using Google
      • Map presentation in Core Manage, Mobility, Quota, and Collaboration using Google Map tiles
      • Satellite View (where available)
      Google Maps will be available for provisioning and use after the 17.2 PRODUCTION upgrade is complete. The
      service and features listed earlier will be provided at no additional cost once the subscription is added to your
      Oracle contract. Oracle Field Service Cloud only allows one map provider. Once Google Maps is provisioned,
      Oracle Maps will no longer be used or available for use.