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    Customer Portal Account Support Account Password Email
    Idea posted August 1, 2014 by Mubarak SunniRookie, tagged Customer Portal 
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    Customer Portal Account Support Account Password Email
    User Story / Description:

    The template to reset or create customer portal accounts and passwords should be based on seperate rules, so that when this is activated, it doesnt automatically send an email to any new customers on creating a new incident. However the function is available to those customers or others who need to update via customer portal and need a password reset. Additionally RightNow agents should be able to set a customers customer portal password.

    this was discussed in support incident 140727-000004






    • Keri

      Hello Mubarak,

      Agents already have a "Reset Password" function available to them. It's on the default Contact workspace and I think can be added elsewhere as needed. Have you tried that? It's a security requirement to not show passwords to anyone, including agents, but again, the agent could start the process using the Reset Password function.

      With regards to messages, Support Account Creation and Contact Password Reset are different message templates. Does it work for you to turn off the former from sending and leaving the Contact Password Reset active?


    • Mubarak Sunni

      Hi Keri

      with this one, the reset password function works, however when we turn off the Support Account Creation and Contact Password Reset template, the reset password function does not work. We are not in a position to roll out the customer portal to all customers for various reasons, therefore we are trying to find a way for this to work in both scenarious.

      thanks for the post