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    Support for Internationalized Domain Names in e-mail...
    Idea posted December 20, 2017 by Jacek SzymanskiRegular, tagged Other 
    Support for Internationalized Domain Names in e-mail addresses
    User Story / Description:

    As responsible for system communication with our customers I need the feature of processing e-mails from domains including non-ASCII characters (e.g. example@grü so I can support customers using such domains.

    Non-ASCII characters in domain names have been allowed through the Internationalized Domain Name (IDN, standard already since 2009 and the usage of such domains gradually increases. Today, RightNow's Techmail utility does not support e-mail addresses following the IDN standard which means that e-mails coming from such addresses are rejected. This in turn means that we are not able to serve all our customers.

    Non-ASCII characters are used in domain names e.g. in German-speaking countries (e.g. "ü"), Slavic-language-speaking countries (e.g. Polish "ł") but also in non-Latin-alphabet languages.

    Since the IDN standard is backwards-compatible I think it should be relatively easy to implement this functionality. There are even ready-to-use conversion examples (e.g.