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    Meet our May "Hero of the Month", Ammar Aldaffaie,...
    Entry posted July 5, 2017 by Danette BealElite, last edited August 14, 2017 
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    Meet our May "Hero of the Month", Ammar Aldaffaie, Willis Towers Watson

    Ammar Aldaffaie and Pepper

    Summer may be in full swing, but Spring is still in the air! Our team is excited to announce our May 'Hero of the Month' Ammar Aldaffaie from Willis Towers Watson.

    Ammar is not only a regular contributor to our Hero Hub but is also active in our communityand he has attended previous events such as the Modern Service Experience. He is an Oracle Service Cloud Developer who we've come to know well within our team. We hear time and time again from customer and partners that they want to hear from each other and how each is using the product. Ammar has been gracious enough to give us the inside scoop into his company and how he develops Oracle Service Cloud for their agents. We are extremely excited to have Ammar as our Hero of the Month! 

    Willis Towers WatsonCompany: Willis Towers Watson is a leading global advisory, broking and solutions company that helps clients around the world turn risk into a path for growth. The company’s exchange solution operates a private health care marketplace called OneExchange. OneExchange supports all workforce populations: full and part-time employees, early and Medicare-eligible retirees, as well as other special populations. With ten years of operating experience within fortune 1000 companies as well as public sector and unions; OneExchange solutions is able to connect Medicare-eligible and pre-65 retirees and part-time employees to the individual market. OneExchange delivers significant health benefit cost savings and industry leading customer service while at the same time reduces administration costs.

    How and when did you first learn about Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow)?

    I was introduced to the Oracle Service Cloud after I was hired by Willis Towers Watson, OneExchange in 2014. At that time, it was known as RightNow and since then I knew it was going to be a great way to help grow our business.

    What is your current role at Willis Towers Watson?

    I’m currently part of the CRM team and the main Oracle Service Cloud developer. I mainly manage the customer portal, chat pages, and add-ins as needed. I also do some admin work from time to time.

    What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

    I love building customizations like Add-ins, custom widgets, and making changes to the customer portal. I use C#, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and ROQL. I also use SOAP and REST web services to build data integration with the OSvC.

    What is something that you are proud of in your time using Oracle Service Cloud?

    I'm most proud of a project we named Soaring Eagle. It is a C# windows application I designed to bulk add, delete, create, and update tables like contact and incidents. Soaring Eagle consumes the SOAP API to help manage the data quickly and efficiently. It saves a lot of time and we all love it. Using Soaring Eagle does not require any coding experience to use and that allows agents to make changes even if they do not have the skills to consume the API.

    How have you used Oracle Service Cloud to solve a business problem within your organization?

    Chats between our agents and help desks were previously managed through Lync until 2014. Previous to Oracle Service Cloud, agents could not review their chat transcripts and the help desks did not have standard texts to improve their handle times. Additionally, teams could not categorize reports or forecast properly. Using Oracle Service Cloud chat has completely changed the way our help desks operate. Because of chat, we have added two more help desk groups just this past year.

    Reset Password

    Ammar has also shared a simple yet pretty sweet customization he developed for his company that meets the needs of many other Oracle Service Cloud customers. Ammar's customization allows users the ability to reset passwords for other users without giving them any other permissions. The Add-in may seem simple, but it solves a critical business use case of retaining security and confidentiality while lowering the barriers to make a change. Definitely worth checking out. Thanks Ammar!

    Why do you participate in the Oracle Service Cloud Hero Hub?

    Why should someone not participate in the Hero Hub? It is amazing, and I get to know more people who are using the same product I am. This allows us to help each other improve our skills. I can also improve my overall knowledge of the Oracle Service Cloud and learn new features all at the same time. The Hero Hub has helped me quite a bit so far, and I have no reason not to participate and give it my best.

    What is the weirdest job you have ever had?

    So this experience was more difficult than weird. Once a company hired me to build a database and UI for their employees who were very far removed from technology. Some of them did not even know how to turn on a computer. No matter what I did, they asked me, “Can you simplify your design? It is too complicated.” LOL

    What is the most recent movie or book that you've seen / read lately?

    The answer to this question may surprise you as I do not like to read that much. The only type of books I do read are development books. The first one being Head First PHP & MySQL. I’m also not a big movie fan but I do love sci-fi and fantasy movies. Lord Of The Rings is the first one that comes to my mind. I do prefer TV shows over movies. I like dramas and comedies such as Breaking Bad, Prison Break, and The Office.

    What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?

    I would buy the best vacation in existence. If I did win the lottery, I would take extended time off of life and go on a world vacation. 


    It sounds like Ammar is dedicated to his career and deserves that vacation! Congratulations Ammar! We're lucky to have a fun, intelligent and strong developer who is willing to share some of his secret sauce with the rest of us! Thank you for frequently engaging in the Hero Hub as well as the Community and our many other Oracle Service Cloud programs. 

    Want be our next Spotlighted Hero? Each month, we’ll look at active participants in the Hero Hub and pick a top contributor to feature next month!