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    Pooja Raju
    Adding custom fields to the registration page
    Topic posted February 17, 2017 by Pooja RajuJourneyer, last edited February 17, 2017 by Danette BealElite 
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    Adding custom fields to the registration page

    I have added a custom field into registration dialog page (AccountDropdown widget).

    Looks like it does not take the new field/custom field added.  Is there any restriction on custom fields on registration page ?

    pls look at the  last line of the code where I am trying to add new field.\

    Format subject for clarity

    Code Block:



    • Barrilito

      Hi Pooja,

      What does not work here? Could you tell us what you think should be happening with the code change you maden. Meaning, on which page (which url) do you think this new field will turn up? On which page are you looking? Did you deploy the code? Are you looking in development mode? Is the field visible on your interface and customer porttal And did you see that this part of the code is only valid for when you are not logged in? Please let us know to help you further. Thanks!


    • Jaime Grochowski


      I believe you have to add an attribute of sub:login:create_account_fields to the widget to tell the "login/LoginDialog" contained widget which fields to include. The docs for this widget state the default is "Contact.Emails.PRIMARY.Address;Contact.Login;SocialUser.DisplayName;Contact.NewPassword;Contact.FullName". So perhaps if you add:


      it will include this field on the form.


    • Just Rhianna

      Maybe I am misreading your code but I do not see  a custom field. Is it a contact custom field?

    • Barrilito


      Any updates here?


    • Danette Beal

      Hi Pooja,

      We would appreciate it if you came back and let us know if this is still an issue or whether you were able to resolve it. This adds great value to the Community and allows our Community contributors to know they are helping you.


      Danette, Community Manager