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    'Send On Save' Checkbox On Browser UI??
    Idea posted March 20, 2018 by Hector ArreolaExplorer, tagged Agent Browser UI 
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    'Send On Save' Checkbox On Browser UI??
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    So in the console there is a checkbox that when you update a ticket it automatically sends an email to the contact. On our BUI there is just a 'send' buttong that you have to press manually each time. Can this be like in the Console? 





    • Kristine Tannert

      Hi Hector - there is a ribbon button for Send that you can use instead. Here is some more info:

      (also, if you've tailored your Response Options on the incident thread object, those settings will work the same when using the Send button as they did when using Send on Save) 



    • Hector Arreola

      Hi, thanks, that button works (I think it is the same one from my picture).

      So is there a way to bring it out to the main menu next to the 'save' and 'save and close' instead of it being inisde of that three-dots tab?

    • Kristine Tannert

      Yes, you can edit the layout of the ribbon buttons from within the workspace. Open the workspace, go to the Home tab, then find the Ribbon icon near the top right corner. The Ribbon Designer will give you instructions in how to add buttons and move them around.