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    Requestors searching knowledge with an incident ID
    Idea posted January 25, 2018 by Dawn M. SmithRegular, tagged Knowledge Advanced, Knowledge Foundation 
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    Requestors searching knowledge with an incident ID
    User Story / Description:

    We currently have requestors that enter an incident ID into the search knowledge widget.  It will return no articles, and we have had to create something custom that says "looks like your trying to find an incident, please go "here" to continue your search".

    It would be wonderful if Knowledge widgets delivered could recognize the nomenclature of an incident id when entered into the search automatically and would greatly improve our requestor/customers experience.



    • Anuj Behl

      I believe you wanted to say Incident reference number instead of Incident ID since Incident ID is not much different from Answer ID and there won't be any way to distinguish the two. However, identifying a reference number and displaying that message would be clever. +1