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    24/7 Operation Functionality
    Idea posted September 20, 2016 by Rob KleanRegular, last edited September 20, 2016 by eleepHero, tagged Field Service 
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    24/7 Operation Functionality
    User Story / Description:


    Our business model that uses OFS is based on a 24/7 operation.  However, the functionality of OFS is limited to only working with 1 maybe 2 shifts.  We work with 3 shifts and at 11 pm our day changed to the next day, but we still need time to allow for 2nd shift personnel to work activities.  

    We'd like to see OFS have a built in capability inside of the business rules to select:

    • What time our work day ends, rather then being hard coded to midnight
    • Still allow us to select how many hours from our "midnight" time selection could still be open for modifications.  IE; if we select 11 pm as our change over time, but select 7 hours, activities until 6 am the follow day can be modified, moved, ect.
    • More built in capabilities for 3rd shift operations as well, being able to move between days easier, and have more visibility of activities

    The current limitations are forcing us to implement workarounds, rather than have a fluid product.



    • John Ashworth

      Hi, Rob

      There is an "Overnight" setting which is intended to handle this.

      Look under Configuration > Business Rules > Overnight work

      Hope that helps.


    • Rob Klean

      Overnight does not work for our operation.  We use an API with another program and the integration between the two does not communicate well in the after hours.  One program is on one day and OFS is on the other.  We need the ability to align and sequence our days to match.