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    Michelle Brusyo
    Co-browse TrueView Feature
    Topic posted May 14, 2015 by Michelle BrusyoApprentice 
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    Co-browse TrueView Feature

    With the upcoming May 2015 release, co-browse users on V4 (November 2014 or later) will see a new feature called TrueView within the Agent Console.

    Check out this data sheet for information about what TrueView is and how it works.



    • Luis Melo

      Hi Michelle,

      One of our customers is having trouble with the way things are displayed in the OSvC agent console, when in ICB.

      The pages where Co-Browse is deployed are web-forms (on client's website) that have multiple fields that customer needs to fill in. Some of those fields are drop-down lists. But on the agent's side, those drop downs display as a multi-select picklists.

      We cannot replicate the issue, for us it displays correctly, but on client's machines it always displays like that (see attached screenshots).

      There is confirmation that system requirements are being complied with. IE 11 is being used.

      Could TrueView resolve this? Not too sure if we have this enabled. We're on Nov 16 release of the SW.

    • Danette Beal

      Great post Michelle!! Thanks for the addition.

      Danette, Community Manager

    • Michelle Brusyo

      Hi Luis!

      This is probably not something that will be solved by TrueView - let's look into it together so we can determine what is happening with the customer's environment that's causing the drop-downs to display differently. I'll message you and then we can report back to the community when we figure out what the resolution is! Thanks!