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    [Under Consideration] Integrate OSC Chat with Wechat,...
    Idea posted January 20, 2016 by Mark AhrensExplorer, last edited November 7, 2016 by Atif JavedRegular, tagged Agent Desktop, Chat 
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    [Under Consideration] Integrate OSC Chat with Wechat, Facebook chat, etc.
    User Story / Description:

    Social media is incredibly popular with customers for chat.  Rather than trying to convince customers to come to our website to chat with us, we should meet them where they are - wechat (for China), Facebook, etc.

    Idea is to 'integrate' wechat (first) into OSC Chat, so that we can establish a wechat account that routes into the OSC universe.  That would allow our agents to handle both chats from OSC directly, along with wechat chats, in the same screen, with standard text, and all the other features and benefits of OSC Chat.

    Mark Ahrens
    Keysight Technologies



    • Matthias Hintner

      Hi Mark,

      The idea sound great, but I guess to make this possible Wechat or Facebook need to have an API in place which is able to get data in Real-Time otherwise you get the chats in Oracle with a delay.

      You already have the ability to reply to Facebook and Twitter posts using the Social monitor, however you will have a 15 minutes delay for incoming message.


    • Amy Barnett

      Hi Mark-

      Did you ever get to integrating with these other chat tools you mentioned?


    • Atif Javed

      Hello Mark,

      I wanted to let you know that we are actively exploring solutions for social messaging for our customers.  We're looking at options using OSvC technology and I will keep you posted on developments.

    • eyespike1

      Hi, has there been any further progress on this?


    • Alex Patison

      Service Cloud and WeChat integration is available through the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. See