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    Nate Hossner, Oracle
    What’s Waiting for You in Oracle Service Cloud 17D
    Entry posted January 19, 2018 by Nate Hossner, OracleWhiz, last edited January 23, 2018, tagged Product / Product Release 
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    What’s Waiting for You in Oracle Service Cloud 17D

    This my second blog post highlighting popular features in the newly available release. This time I’m talking about the 17D release which came out in November. Most Service Cloud users will be upgrading to 17D sometime in the next month or two.

    First off, you’ll notice the release name is different. That’s because Oracle is standardizing its naming convention and release cadence for all cloud applications. For Service Cloud, that means the release schedule will remain quarterly, but we’ll be calling the releases A, B, C, and D instead of February, May, August, and November. More on that here.

    Now let’s talk about some of the new features in 17D. I’ll highlight a few that we’re hearing customers ask about:

    17D contains the initial release of Element Manager, which allows admins to package, export, and import collections of reports, workspaces, workflows, and dashboards. In the past, it was only possible to import/export these items one by one. Element Manager allows admins to package these into groups and save a tremendous amount of time porting these items between test and production sites.  My hope is that the feature will eventually expand to include other objects that are difficult to port between sites. Note that this feature is only available through the Browser User Interface.

    Which leads me to my next item: Browser User Interface will be enabled for all sites upon upgrading to 17D! This doesn’t mean your agents will start using Browser User Interface; instead it means administrators have immediate ability to access Browser User Interface and make a determination about when and how to make it available to various agent user groups. Browser User Interface is under continuous development with new features released every week. See this link for a list of all the supported features in Browser User Interface, and keep in mind that improvements are coming rapidly.

    The last feature I’m highlighting the favorite of our upgrade team: File Sync. This feature solves a longstanding requirement to freeze custom code changes during an upgrade. For sites in the Auto Upgrade Program, that are upgrading to 17D, all custom files will be copied from the production site to the upgrade site approximately 8 hours before the upgrade cutover. This means admins can continue to make changes to custom files throughout an upgrade without losing those changes at cutover! Of course, this benefit cuts both ways: be careful not to make changes to custom code on the upgrade site as it will be overwritten by File Sync.

    For more documentation on 17D, take a look at the What’s New document and Release Resources.

    If you’re ready to make the move, make sure to check out our best practices for testing an upgrade. You can use this link to request an upgrade. 

    If you have other insights on 17D, or subjects that you'd like me to cover in future posts, I'd love to hear about them in the comments section.




    • Ajay John

      Is BUI available in the PCI Pod?

    • Nate Hossner, Oracle

      Hi Ajay, Yes Browser User Interface is available in the PCI datacenter. 

    • Edson Junior

      Well done!!!

    • Jess Campbell

      I am excited about file sync, having just finished an upgrade.

    • Ammar Aldaffaie

      Just finished upgrading to 17D and I'm excited about the new API bulk features 

    • Eric Simonsen

      The Elements feature is pretty cool. I also understand that there is a new feature that will allow cross-site Rest APIs, which we are looking to utilize for some integrations. 

      We are in the process of upgrading to the new version currently and hope to be live within the next couple of weeks. 

    • Corbin Midgley

      The Elements Manager is only available in Browser UI. Any plans to bring this to .NET?

    • Roderick
      Corbin Midgley said:

      The Elements Manager is only available in Browser UI. Any plans to bring this to .NET?

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      Thanks for the comment. It’s a bit misleading to think of Element Manager in the context of the "Only Browser UI"; as you know all the elements it operates on today are curated by administrators through .Net designers. We surfaced the UI for the Element Manager feature in BUI intentionally because it allows us to add elements through continuous delivery instead of the more traditional quarterly release cycle. Furthermore, as an application sitting above the API’s used by the individual designers (Report, Workspace, Object Designer, etc.) we thought it would be useful to allow users to Search across multiple classes in a responsive web style UI. Unfortunately that comes at the expense of having to follow a link out of a navigation element in the desktop client which seems a bit awkward. We have discussed encapsulating the Element Manager in a page within the desktop to make it appear seamless but I hope you’d agree that we’d all rather have the team working to including things like add-ins and business rules 2.0 in the Element manager first?


    • Tom Oates

      I need element manager now!!!!

    • Nicole Anderson

      Element manager sounds awesome!