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    [Delivered] Out-of-Office
    Idea posted June 18, 2009 by MikePInnovator, last edited August 15, 2018 by eleepHero, tagged System Admin and Configuration 
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    [Delivered] Out-of-Office
    User Story / Description:

    When incidents typically last more than a few days and can last weeks or even months it is important to be able to reroute updated incidents for CSRs who are out of the office.


    One possible solution would be to have an out of the office checkbox that a CSR could set in their profile.  Incident business rules could check to see if the Assigned CSRs out of office flag was set and take an action based on that condition. 


    The danger I see here is the possibility of a circular rule set.  If Lou is out of office assign to Pete.  If Pete is out of office assign to Lou.


    • DaveF



      Thanks for submitting the idea. That is an interesting one. I know of other customers that use rule escalations to handle this scenario - based on the age of the incident and them having an unmodified status - push them into a round-robin queue etc.


      Do you have any ideas for avoiding the circular rule set?

    • MikeP


        We can't  wait for incidents to age.  If a Platinum Customer updates a P1 incident that was previously closed and the CSR assigned to it is on vacation it needs be dealt with immediately. 


      On second thought the circular reference exists today so there would be no difference.


      How we handle vacations today is to create a rule for every CSR that is enabled when they go on vacation that reroutes updated incidents assigned to that CSR.  You could just as easily create a circular 'reassign' reference there.


      Does the system even check for circular reassign references?

    • chris77

      It's like stoking up a fire that almost went out... all of these ideas are great and have often been discussed in the forums, great to see them being bounced about again.


      In the various implementations I've had the pleasure of working with, we've had various rules to get around this such as:


      - on update, set assigned to No Value

      - on assign, set assigned to No Value after x minutes if not closed


      Still, I agree that there must be a better way around this and it doesn't even need to be on the profile (which agents would inevitably forget).  How about a little pop up when any user logs out of RightNow asking them a maximum of 2/3 questions before they can continue e.g.:


      - send your reopened cases back to a queue for others? (Y/N)

      - you currently have 3 incidents, unassign them? (Y/N)


      I added that second question as we often have agents leaving but keeping incidents assigned to them!!


      In fact, this raises another question, why do SO many users remain logged in for hours on end?  System auto kick out already, perhaps my first idea...




    • ksmithSerSol

      I've been reading the various discussions about how to handle out-of-office agents, and while I've been doing the same thing as Mike (one rule for each agent), it's cumbersome.

      I would love it if my managers could set a vacation start and end time, and have a rule set look at these fields to determine whether an incident needs to be re-routed.

      Keeping in mind I am my company's only admin, and the managers do not have any admin permissions.

      I definitely understand why a solution for this is difficult to implement, but experience has shown me that you guys are geniuses.  You can do it!

    • Sarah Oliver

      As an SC I hear this a lot - often customers want to be able to re-assign or re-queue incidents at the end of the day, so that all agents start afresh the next day, or be able re-assign immediately someone is off sick or on holiday.

    • Ross McDougall

       Do we have any update on this idea? I've been searching the forums and it's been requested since 2008!

      Our senior agents are having to look at our queues during the day to catch and 'updated' or 'unresolved' incidents for agents who are sick or on leave.

      Thankfully we're a small team, I feel for any Admins with a large call centre!

    • Kyle

      I'm with Ross and wondering about an update on this long-overdue request.

      Along those lines, is it just me or does the Idea Lab seem to have been placed on the back-burner from RightNow-Oracle's perspective? Customoers continue to submit and discuss these requests but the interaction and interest from RightNow's end appears to diminish regardless of how popular or important the functionality is from their customers.

    • Steve LaRoche

      I have this same need.  Why is there no solution yet to more elegantly implement  outofoffice rules?  Seems to be a major oversight.   I simply want my agents to be able to flag themselves as out of office (I can do this already with staff account custom field).  Why can't you just enable incident business rules to have access to staff account fields?   That way we could make rule(s) once and then admins don't have to get involved with day-to-day people being out sick, on vacation, or otherwise out of office!  

    • Kyle

      For awhile Oracle has been hinting at a major overhaul of the rules engine/interface (I'm guessing it will be more visual similar to the campaign editor). Regardless, I hope they include some sort of feature for out-of-office situations for agents.

    • Nicki Mayers

      I would be very interested in this functionality. For some of our business tasks we use Oracle's eBusiness suite in which you can set vacation rules for a specified time period. You can even do this in Microsoft Outlook and you don't need to turn it off as when it reaches the end date it automatically reverts to the original state. Why is this 'Oracle' product lagging behind??

      Even though we've only been using RN for just under a year, I can't believe that this has been requested for 7 years but still nothing!!

    • Neil

      I've found this idea thread by searching to see whether this functionality exists.

      I's a very good idea, and definitely something that we need.

      Could we please get an update from Oracle? This is a long-standing suggestion that has received support from multiple customers.

    • Jeff McCrory

      Thanks for submitting this request through Idea Labs.  I'm excited to announce we have built an Out of Office solution utilizing our Accelerator program and hope to have it available for download in the next 2 - 3 weeks.  For those not familiar with out Accelerator program, we configure a referenced solution utilizing the same technologies available to our customers and integrators and make this code available through the following Oracle Sample Code process:

      • Go to Sample Code for Developers and Admins

      • Scroll down to the "Cloud" section and click on "Oracle Service Cloud Accelerators"

      • Accept the license agreement and click on the Download link for the selected Accelerator which takes you into a detailed configuration guide and also contains the link to download the artifacts and source code

      The Out of Office solution supports the following two implementation options:

      • User controls Out of Office through a check box in the Out of Office UI Settings

      • User sets the From and To Dates in the Out of Office UI Settings and the Out of Office is dynamically set based on those dates allowing the user to set their Out of Office in advance

      The Out of Office utilizes our standard Business Rules so if can be set to fire when an Incident is updated and allows the triggering of actions such as automatically sending an Out of Office response, updating the status of the Incident, escalating the Incident, etc.  Any action allowed through Business Rules can be triggered when the Agent who owns the Incident is Out of Office.

      The Accelerator contains the following artifacts:

      • Add-Ins (compiled Add-Ins and source code)

      • Custom Process Models (CPMs) to support both the Date based and Flag based option

      • Message Template for sending Out of Office emails
      • Reports for viewing and managing staff account Out of Office Flag status

      I’ll also update this posting once we have the Out of Office Accelerator available for download which is planned for March 2016.


    • Neil

      Great news Jeff - can't wait to see the full detail.

      As new Rightnow users, it may be challenging for us to figure out how to implement it, but I'm sure we'll get there eventually!

    • Kyle

      Excellent news, Jeff, definitely a feature that should be widely/quickly adopted by the customer base.

      For those attending the Modern Customer Experience conference in Vegas, it would be great to have a breakout session that showcases new features such as this. I'm guessing many folks aren't aware of them b/c they don't subscribe to the discussion threads here in the community.

      I'll definitely feature this at our next Minnesota User Group meeting. Thanks again for sharing the announcement!

    • Jeff McCrory

      A quick update on the Out of Office Accelerator, there is a separate team that completes the final qa and posting of the Accelerators and I have received an update that it should be posted for download by the end of April.  I will add another post as soon as we have it available for download and look forward to your feedback on the solution.