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    [Delivered] Auditing and reporting in Collaboration
    Idea posted June 5, 2018 by Paul RogersExplorer, last edited June 13, 2018 by Mike WierzbowskiSpecialist, tagged Field Service 
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    [Delivered] Auditing and reporting in Collaboration
    User Story / Description:

    We're currently in the process of implementing Collaboration in our OFSC environment, and have identified that there is no ability to report on or audit the chats taking place within the Collaboration functionality.


    There is no way to measure the usage of the helpdesk functionality in OFSC Collaboration, or get any insight into how helpdesk operators and resources seeking assistance are using the system.  Metrics such as:

    • Waiting time
    • Length of time taken to resolve the issue
    • How many times resources make use of Collaboration
    • Operators who take the chats, and how many they handle.
    • Classifying the issue being dealt with, to get insight on what the helpdesk are assisting with.
    • If the outcome was successful or not.

    As collaboration provides a helpdesk facility, the ability to report on the quantity and length of chats that take place for the operators of that helpdesk would greatly help with managing how the functionality is used.


    The chat history for an individual user is already visible to them within the collaboration window.  This history should also be visible to other selected users and be able to be added to the daily extract.  This would be to ensure that the Collaboration system was not being used to send incorrect or inappropriate messages, as well as reviewing how the system is being used to help develop how it is used in the future.


    This functionality could be via an screen in OFSC, or exported via the daily extract to allow reports to be produced outside the system.



    • Mike Wierzbowski

      Hi Paul,

      Collaboration information is available using the Event API.  The supported events allow you to obtain information related to usage and the content of the sessions. The API should be used since we have np plans to include this information in the Daily Extract.


      Oracle Field Service Cloud Product Management Team