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    Shaina Spitzer Yakont
    Different reports to show to different people in same...
    Topic posted September 12, 2018 by Shaina Spitzer YakontExplorer 
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    Different reports to show to different people in same profile


    I have 2 users who are in the same profile as their permissions and behaviours are the same. 

    However, I need each user to see a different report and to NOT see the other report in any way.

    I need that if the logged in account is X then show reportX and hide reportY

     and if the logged in account is Y then show reportY and hide reportX.


    Important to say that I am working with tasks and not incidents.

    Any way to do this?




    • Sebastiaan

      If it's a "My tasks" report you are after that only shows the assigned tasks for the agent opening the report you could use a filter tasks.assgn_acct_id equals logged in (see attachment)

      There is no dynamic navset option. So the only other alternative is to have different profiles (a copy) which will have a different navset with different reports.

      Tasks.png (13KB)
    • Shaina Spitzer Yakont

      Hi Sebastian

      Nope..actually the report will be of tasks that are not assigned to the two users, so that won't work for me. 

      I have a field called tasks.c$site and I need one user to see one site and the other to see a different one...

      I guess I will have to create a different profile for each one.


    • Sebastiaan

      You could give it a try with an OR node filter and create a filter for each agent with the accounts.login
      See attachment on OR node example and Using the Logical Expression feature in reports