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    [Delivered] Preview what customer is typing on chat
    Idea posted April 1, 2014 by Matthias HintnerExpert, last edited November 22, 2016 by JessicaBGuru, tagged Chat 
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    [Delivered] Preview what customer is typing on chat
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    I would love to see the addition of the function where the chat agent can see, what the customers is typing before he clicks on "Send Message". I came across one of the competitors who have this function and the handling of the chat agent is reduced due to the fact that the chat agent can see what the customer is querying about BEFORE the message comes through to the agent. Like this the chat agent is already prepared of the question and can prepare a resolution before the customer is actually asking. This will reduce massively the chat handling time.




    • JessicaB

      Hello Chat Community,

      I'm happy to report that we have "Sneak Preview" on the roadmap for delivery within the next two releases. Sneak Preview allows the agent to see what the end-user is typing, before the end-user submits the text into the conversation. Thanks again for your participation on this thread and for your ideas around this feature.

      I will update when we have an exact release date!

    • Steven DaSilva

      Thanks for the update!

    • Matthias Hintner

      Hi Jessica,

      we are planning to upgrade to August 2016 (only one upgrade per year). Can you tell, if this feature will be included already in this version or more likely November 2016?



    • JessicaB

      The current plan for release is November 2016, however that is subject to change. That being said, I have high confidence that we will make the November time frame. -Jessica

    • JessicaB

      Hello everyone,

      I'm happy to announce that Sneak Preview has been delivered in the November 2016 release of Oracle Service Cloud.

      For more information on Sneak Preview you can review the Online Help documentation, or these new answers within the Support Portal:

      • Best Practices for Sneak Preview is Answer 9045:
      • Masking within Sneak Preview on Restricted Pods is Answer 9046:

      Please note, to utilize the new Sneak Preview feature the following is required:

      • CX Site is November 2016+
      • CP framework version is CPv3.5