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    [Under Consideration] A simple effective solution to...
    Idea posted July 5, 2010 by Keith SSpecialist, last edited October 14, 2014 by KeriInnovator, tagged Agent Desktop, Incident Management 
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    [Under Consideration] A simple effective solution to forwarding and tracking incidents
    User Story / Description:

    We have noted some entries in the Ideas Lab requesting that forwarded incidents should be added to the message thread so that they are easier to track. 

    Over a year ago, our CRM managers and stakeholders identified a need to solve problems that were arising from the use of the RN forwarding functionality.  We paid for a customisation based on ideas from other RightNow sites. This customisation has addressed most of the problems we had had with the delivered Forward Incident function.

    We would like to seek support for this customisation to be incorporated into the standard delivered product.


    In addition to being concerned that we could not track actions taken on forwarded emails, we received a lot of complaints from senior managers and others about the format of the forwarded email. The principal complaint was that the crucial element in the forwarded email was preceded by many pages  showing all of our customised fields in a very confusing layout.  Many recipients thought it was spam and simply deleted it.

    We requested an option to suppress the inclusion of these customised fields but in the end we talked with RightNow and had a customised option written to forward incidents to designated SMEs (subject matter experts).  The customisation is based on ideas from other RightNow customer sites to which we added a few features to improve its functionality. See attached word document showing screen shots.

    This customisation overall is working very well for us.

    The features are:

    - the forwarded email details are written back into the message thread providing a full audit trail

    - the SME's email address is checked against the contacts table to ensure that the SME is approved to receive this type of forwarded email

    - the contact record can be flagged with 3 access levels - the basic level is that the SME can receive a forwarded incident and reply to the CSR (Customer Services Rep ie the Agent); the next level up indicates that the SME is eligible to reply direct to the customer and the next level up allows the SME to have the customer's reply forwarded direct to them.  At the upper two levels, the SME can also reply to the CSR.

    - status values (with an appropriate status type) indicate if the incident has been "Forwarded to SME", "SME Response Waiting",  or "Solved by SME"

    - when a customer replies back to the incident, the response appears in the message thread and the status is set  to  “Updated” in the normal way;  if the SME has the right  level of security, the system automatically forwards the updated incident to the SME with the appropriate status set; otherwise the incident remains in the queue in the normal way.

    - documents can be attached by the CSR or the SME

    The benefits of the customisation are:

    - ability to track all forwarded incidents with full management statistics including the ability to identify incidents with no response

    - ability to control which staff (or other contacts) can be treated as SMEs

    -  we have RightNow as an enterprise wide system so we can allow any staff to have access to a licence;  however we would still gain the following benefits

    • reduction in training effort for occasional users (the forwarded emails aim to be self-explanatory; this means that SMEs don't need training in how to use the CRM system; they just need basic awareness building of why they may receive a forwarded email and that they should follow the instructions on how to respond)
    • reduced systems dependency (staff off-site could respond to incidents using only a browser enabled email client eg an iphone without needing to find a PC with the user console installed).

    The benefit of having the customisation included in the standard product would be that we would have all the functionality we need for a highly active enterprise systems to handle service requests without needing to manage a customisation for each upgrade.


    • William McMahon

      Hi There,

      You mention in you post "See attached word document showing screen shots" but there isn't any attachment. Could you please include.

      I too would back a better solution to Forward & Track incidents. Like yourself, we have customisations in place called forward and track; to allow agents to "Escalate" an incident to a 3rd party who is external of RightNow (as you describe them - Subject Matter Experts).

      The response process for these SMEs it to click a URL and respond to our request using a webform, but as the SME has received the "Escalation" via email, all likelyhood is that they will "reply to all" on the email and return their response in that manner.

      Unfortunatly the use of clicking on a URL and completing a form is not desirable by the SMEs and as these SMEs are sometimes outside of our control we too would like to find an improved forwarding function.

      I do hope RightNow can look into this; its basic functionality to allow an Incident to be forwarded to a 3rd party, with forwarded notes to be logged within the thread and to allow the 3rd party respond to the email (they will have the incident number) and update the thread chain.

    • Keith S

      Hi William

      Sorry the Word document didnt attach.
      If you send your email address to I will email it to you.

      Regards, Keith

    • Ralf Mueller

      It would be much appreciated by many RNT customers if the text included when forwarding an email to a party not using RNT is retained in the incident thread.  It is annoying to remember to cut and paste the text as a private note to the incident.

    • Keith S

      I have just had an email from another University which is paying to implement something similar.

    • William McMahon

      Why oh why this isn't included in RightNow as standard!
      I have been investigating other solutions around this; and currently investigating RightNow Connect as a solution - which will then allow us to custom build our own solution

      If I get anywhere I will advise and hopefully be able to release as a form of GPL :-)

    • Keith S


      Has there been any progress on this yet?

      Thanks Keith

    • Perry P

      We also would like to see this implemented in the next release. At the very least include the text from the SENDERS COMMENTS in the thread so that the next agent knows what was written.

    • Kelly Wolf

       I would also be interested in this addition.  Its been 7 months since the last post, has it been added and I am unaware of how to do this?

      I would like atleast for the audit log to show who the incident was forwarded to and when.

    • Toby Thomas

      I would also like to see this document with screen shots if it is still available.


    • Keith S

      Hi Toby - Datam has made some improvements to the functionality. The old document is now out of date. But  if you email me at k.salmon AT I will send you some screenshots.  Regards, Keith

    • Ross McDougall

      Really like this idea. We use a RightNow form for our website 'contact us' page but only one department uses RightNow. 


      I want to include a 'add attachments' option within the form, but based on current forward rules I have created, the other deparments will not receive any attachments created. 

      I'm not entirely sure why the option to include attachemnts from the original incident was ever disabled when forwarding. 

    • jennyc

       I posted this in the Idea Lab recently as I had not found this post.

      Has anything been done with this suggestion in the latest versions?  It is obvious that this was mentioned by many people in the past. Did it get any further?


    • Abi Davies

      I think this would be very useful for a lot of staff at the University.  There is a real danger that emails sent to SMEs are so full of text that seen irrelevant they are deleted.  This would be a real help to us.  It would be good if something could be done about it - I see that the original posting was was nearly two years ago!!!

    • Kyle

      With every quarterly release I keep hoping to see this functionality show up so I'm keeping my fingers crossed (once again) for the May12 version. I deliver agent training to our nearly 1,000 agents in our organization and when we cover incident forwarding these issues frequently come up. It's ironic that people in the class who have never worked with RightNow quickly see the functionality limitations with respect to forwarding and yet nothing's been done to address it.

    • Penny Collins

      This would be a real help to us.