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    Inventory Pool
    Idea posted July 11, 2018 by Paul CareyNewbie, tagged Field Service 
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    Inventory Pool
    User Story / Description:

    Inventory Pools - include rule options within Mobility to validate user inputs against the values held in the various inventory pools, to prompt users to enter the correct values, i.e. when moving equipment from a pool, users shouldn't remove more than exists there, without a prompt to say you're moving more than the system expects there to be.  



    • Mike Wierzbowski


      Thanks for sharing your idea with the Idea Lab.

      Can you please provide the specific use case and business challenge you are trying to solve?

      I assume this is related to non-serialized inventory since the user is prompted to enter a quantity.   We have observed numerous situations across many industries where the quantity could vary from what they really have on-hand or what is shown in the customer pool.  For example: Technician picks up a box of #7 Drywall Anchors (100 in the box), Oracle Field Service Cloud shows a quantity of 100 #7 Drywall Anchors, the manufacturing processes added 105 in the box so the Technician has 5 more onhand then what is shown in their quantity.  


      Oracle Field Service Cloud Product Management Team