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    Editor Command - Send and Close
    Idea posted June 6, 2018 by Mike BeveridgeExplorer, last edited August 15, 2018 by eleepHero, tagged Agent Browser UI, Agent Desktop, System Admin and Configuration 
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    Editor Command - Send and Close
    User Story / Description:

    Hi, I want to add a button to the workspace that Sends and Closes the incident. However when I go to setup a simple rule to add an editor command the Send and close option is not available.

    Can the Send and Send and Close options please be added to editor commands in rules.




    • Sebastiaan

      Hi Mike

      You can have your workspace configured to have send on save automatically enabled on edit, then your workspace rule will do the send on save and close

    • Mike Beveridge

      Hi Seb, we are using the BUI for low use staff that we want to make the process as easy as possible.  This issue we have is that one of these staff may enter a response but select save and close.  This will not send the response to the student.  If I automatically enable send on save, then if they add a private not the student will receive and email with no response in it.

      So my ideas what to have to simple buttons

      Send to Staff and Sent to Student. 

      The send to staff button would simply execute a save and close function and the send to student button would execute the Send and Save command.  But the Send and Save command is not available in the rules.







    • Sebastiaan

      Hi Mike.

      I think I understand your setup.
      While it is not possible to dynamically controll the selection of the "send on save" checkbox, you could have the following setup.

      1. Create 2 standard texts (Studend & Staff) with a simple header "Dear student & Dear staff member" enable them for incidents
      2. Open your workspace and set the default thread on new and edit to None
      3. Create 2 radio buttons on your workspace (Send to student & Send to staff) and have business rules for these radio buttons that controll which standard text to add to which thread type (see attached picture)

      Send me a private message if you would like the exported workspace I tested.

      Edit: I think an easier option for Oracle might be to have the Send on Save checkbox field available as a THEN action in Set the value of a field so it can be included in the workspace rule.

    • Sebastiaan

      Hi Mike.

      Have a look at this post:

      You currently can't have workspace rules check "Send on save", but it is on the road map to support this.

      (posted in 2009 though)

    • Sebastiaan

      This post however, When I open an incident for editing, the Send on Save response checkbox is grayed out and completely disabled. How can I get this working?

      Got me thinking....
      Set on the workspace in the Response Options Auto select Send on Save for new and on edit
      Modify your rule as attached.

      While the workspace will still show the send on save as checked when Send to staff has been selected, no response will be sent to the student as the mailbox has changed to no value.

      This can be confirmed by looking at the audit log "Message delivery to some recipients failed"