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    Rename "incident" to "ticket" (or...
    Idea posted April 17, 2017 by Kristine TannertApprentice, tagged Agent Browser UI, Agent Desktop, Chat, Cobrowse, Community, Customer Portal, Feedback/Surveys, Incident Management, Knowledge Advanced, Knowledge Foundation, System Admin and Configuration 
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    Rename "incident" to "ticket" (or some other neutral term)
    User Story / Description:

    The word "incident" has a negative connotation for our customers, especially in our industry. It would be nice if Oracle would rename incident to ticket or another neutral term so that anything and everything that faces both our customers and our agents uses a less emotionally loaded word when referring to an interaction or request.



    • Mike Kramer

      Great idea.  Every time we explain what an "incident" is to someone at our company, we first have to explain that it's not a "bad thing" as the name infers.  "Ticket" would be a much better/broader term.

    • CherylK

      Not sure if this will help you, it would be easier to have the ability out-of-the-box to set up an alternate to 'incident' but this is what we did and is something you could test. During implementation our business decided that 'Cases' was a more accurate term for us to use. We ended up renaming all of the message bases to adhere to his label. For example, INCIDENTS_LBL message base was changed to 'Cases', INCIDENT_LBL was changed to 'Case', MY_INCIDENTS_LBL was changed to 'My Cases' and so on. We had to do this for all of the out of the box message bases as well as the custom message bases that we use on the customer portal. Possibly custom scripts and message templates would need to be changed if you use those.

    • Sophie Campbell

      This is a great idea. "Ticket" sounds so much better than "Incidents". Any person who hears the word "Incident" (especially customers) think that something has gone wrong and creates a negative impact when said in a conversation.

    • Kristine Tannert

      @CherylK, thank you for the advice! Since we use very little of the CP, we managed to strip nearly everything customer facing of the word "incident" simply by altering some Message Templates to use the incidents.ref_no . I did look at our message bases too. At some point, we will likely want to implement the full CP, and then this issue might be bigger.

      But I can't find a way to rename the Incidents icon that shows up as a Nav Set option when I create a new nav set. So I have agent desktop users who have to do a mental contortion from Ticket to Incident (plus we feed the data downstream to Siebel where the corresponding object is called a Service Request...), either that, or I have to confuse them by sticking "incident" related items on their nav set within a different icon. It's certainly better to confuse our agents rather than confusing our customers, but I'd rather not confuse any users! 

    • Keri
      Kristine Tannert said:

      But I can't find a way to rename the Incidents icon that shows up as a Nav Set option when I create a new nav set.

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      Hi Kristine,
      This can be changed in the Message Bases. I can't speak to the exact one, but like Cheryl suggested, start with INCIDENTS_LBL

      Message Bases are typically located from within Configuration > System Configuration folder. Go to this part of documentation and follow the links to learn more about Message Base editing. If you do a search for the word Incident or Incident in the message bases area, you'll see LOTS of returns for that word. The INCIDENTS_LBL one would be a good start. You may need to log out and back in again after making the change to see it reflected in your desktop.

    • CherylK

      Hi Kristine, Keri is right; it should be INCIDENTS_LBL that will get you that change. I had to logout and log back in before I could see the change. Probably clearing cache would have worked too, not sure.

      Good luck!

    • Kristine Tannert

      Thanks Keri and CherylK - that did the trick!

    • Nick L

      My vote is for "Service Request".