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    Chris van Es
    Change invitation message on active Survey
    Topic posted January 16, 2018 by Chris van EsExpert 
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    Change invitation message on active Survey

    I need to change a name on the invitation message from an active Survey. Due to the history on the Survey we like to keep the current survey and not create a copy.

    I think found a solution, but are not 100% sure this is working.

    I'll open the Survey and go to the Delivery tab. Click on Suspend.
    Than open the invitation Message which is still not editable.
    I copy all what is in this HTML message and click on the Tasks -> New Document and past all back again and change the name. 
    Than click on the Text and do the same.

    Save this Survey and than click on Delivery -> and launch again.

    Is this the way to change and is all still working afterwards ?




    • Pavol Procka

      I think you just need to change this to 1 or 2 and you will be able to edit the document directly:


      As for the rest I believe you are correct as Oracle states the following: "You can edit the invitation message even after the survey has been launched or canceled by suspending a launched survey's invitation message. After suspending the invitation message, you can make edits, and then re-launch it."


    • Simon Kilgarriff

      Hi Chris,

      There is a config setting that applies to editing mailings once sent and I would also guess it applies to surveys: RNM_MOD_SENT_DOCS

      Full info here:

      Might be worth looking further in to this and see if it might help as it may be a way to achieve what you want.

      Obvious word of caution that this would open up all mailings and survey to being edited once sent.


    • Chris van Es

      Thanks Pavol and Simon,


      This solved my problem.