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    Saravanan Sekar
    Asynchronus CPM not working properly
    Topic posted April 16, 2018 by Saravanan SekarExpert 
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    Asynchronus CPM not working properly

    Hi All,


    I am using curl in CPM to create record in EBS system, once the record created am mapping that respective record ID against the Incident.

    Here, the record gets created successfully and the ID also coming (Tested Completely in Test_harness as well as in Controller with the existing incident), but when I call the CPM from business rule for new records (dynamically), the EBS record ID value is not getting stored against incident but the record created successfully in EBS system. 


    I am also using RNCPHP\ConnectAPI::commit(); in my code to stop triggering more than once.


    Any input is welcome, Thanks in advance.

    ~ S.Saravanan

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    • Luuk

      It's not really related to your question, but you don't have to commit to stop the code from triggering more than once.

      You can use:

      public static function apply( $run_mode, $action, $incident, $n_cycles ) {   


      See there's a n_cycles variable. You can use that to stop after x times.

      Ontopic: Do you have any way to view error messages? The incident update (with the id from the EBS) is probably giving some error. Hence not updating.

    • Saravanan Sekar

      Hi Luuk, I will write log and try to catch the error and update here.