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    Daniel C
    Return next interview screen to the top
    Topic posted February 8, 2017 by Daniel CJourneyer 
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    Return next interview screen to the top

    Hi all,
    We've got a situation where we have an interview embedded in an iframe. For the most part this works quite well, apart from a couple of usability issues.
    1. As an embedded iframe, depending on the device the iframe may have a scroll bar, along with the actual page(so double scroll bars) - a bad user experience in our situation.
    2. When you click next in OPA to continue to the next screen, the interview screen stays in the same spot. This means if you've scrolled to the bottom of alonger page, when the next page loads you may potentially only see blank space until you scroll to the top. Again, not the best user experience.
    We have got around the first issue by setting a the iframe to a fixed height (as documented here), however we have been unable to find a solution to ensure that the user is taken to the top of the next screen within OPA each time they click next.
    Has anyone else had this issue and found a solution?
    We are using latest version interviews, November 2016 release.
    Any assistance or guidance would be appreciated.

    OPA November 2016, Service Cloud May 2016



    • Brad Tuckett

      This is a known issue with latest version interviews in November 2016 and should be resolved in a future release.

    • Sebastiaan

      Hi Daniel.

      I personally believe you should place this in a PHP / JS forum, that said...
      I did a google search for you and found the following page that might be of help.

      Definition and Usage

      The scrollTop() method sets or returns the vertical scrollbar position for the selected elements.
      Tip: When the scrollbar is on the top, the position is 0.
      When used to return the position:
      This method returns the vertical position of the scrollbar for the FIRST matched element.
      When used to set the position:
      This method sets the vertical position of the scrollbar for ALL matched elements.

      I hope this points you in the right direction.

    • Danette Beal

      Hi All,

      Sounds like this is not standard OOB functionality within OPA currently but will be in a few released. That said, it does appear this may be resolved using customization. I'm going to move this to the developer forum in the hopes they may be able to help Daniel via Development.


      Danette, Community Manager