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    Combine Custom Process Model, Business Rules & Workflow
    Idea posted December 8, 2017 by Craig HeveyWhiz, tagged Agent Browser UI, Agent Desktop, Connect Data Services, Customer Portal, System Admin and Configuration 
    Combine Custom Process Model, Business Rules & Workflow
    User Story / Description:

    It would be great if the functionality of the 3 functions (CPM, Business Rules, Workflow) could be combined. This would make the building and support of process flows much more logical and remove the requirement to build different things for different channels that sometimes conflict.

    Ideally a Workflow that can be launched from a source trigger rather than it just being an Agent Desktop workspace process flow. Inside of a workflow we can then build in the steps we require the CPMs or Business Rules to be called.

    The potential conflicts of these 3 areas to create loops and the cautiousness we have to approach when building new processes is prohibitive compared to the comparitive ease of building new workspaces, reports, surveys, etc