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    Access Environment Version and other meta data via API
    Idea posted October 11, 2016 by Brett WallaceSpecialist, tagged Field Service 
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    Access Environment Version and other meta data via API
    User Story / Description:

    As an Administrator, I want to manage and monitor my OFSC environments using automation; including version, module, usage/purpose and other meta data about the environment.

    We have processes and monitoring pages set up to collect data on various applications to report things like version numbers, purpose etc, and assist with troubleshooting and identifying which environments might be impacted by an issue. 

    Whilst we have set up custom properties to allow us to monitor what we need, this still relies upon manual processes to check when environment version numbers have been changed, and then manually update the custom fields when we notice the changes. 

    It would be better to have the version number and other meta data updated automatically when an upgrades or updates are applied to the system.



    • Cathy Mikolajek

      Just wanted to follow up on this past request.  We have since added an "About" page available in every instance under Configuration > General > About which provides instance version info, URLs, services enabled as well as links to documentation, support, etc. Hope this helps.


      Oracle Field Service Cloud Product Team

    • Brett Wallace

      Thanks Cathy, this definitely helps, but is still a manual process of checking not an automated one.