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    Michelle Brusyo
    Co-browse Remote Control NotificationAnswered
    Topic posted November 30, 2016 by Michelle BrusyoApprentice 
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    Co-browse Remote Control Notification

    I had a great email exchange with one of our Community members about Oracle Co-browse this week and wanted to share a couple topics that were raised that may be of interest to other customers, the first being how customer notifications are handled when an agent moves into Remote Control (mouse and keyboard control) Mode.

    Question: Something I noticed the other day when testing the co-browse, was that by default I’m in mode “View + Point”, and then I have the option to take control of desktop/page… and when I change to this mode, the customer doesn’t get presented with a warning or question to allow… is this configurable?

    Answer: Here is an overview of our strategy around Remote Control warnings:

    1. Instant Co-browse Mode (ICB): No warning is displayed
      In this mode, the customer and agent can only be co-browsing web content owned by the company and so anything the agent can do on behalf of the customer is related only to actions taken in relation to the business. Further, remote control capability can be suspended on specific pages (e.g., an order submission page) to prevent agents from taking certain actions on behalf of the customer.
    2. Advanced Co-browse Mode (ACB): Warning is displayed and the customer must grant permission for Remote Control
      In this mode, the customer and agent can potentially be co-browsing content that is not owned by the company and so there is risk that agents will be able to take actions on behalf of the customer that are outside of the "business" website interaction. While the company does have the ability to restrict the URLs and desktop applications agents can access during a co-browsing session that is in ACB mode, liability is further reduced by requiring permission for agents to use the Remote Control feature.

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    Wow, Michelle - this is really helpful!