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    Can you customize the list of items when you right click...
    Topic posted September 13, 2017 by JLFolkmanMaster 
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    Can you customize the list of items when you right click within a report?

    Is it possible to hide or add an option when your right click within a report that lists incidents? We need to be able to hide Forward from this list and am unable to find any information on if we can customize this. The only place we want analysts to be able to Forward an incident is when they have a case workspace open.



    • JLFolkman

      I was able to find the answer...

      1. Edit the report.
      2. On the Home tab, click Records.
      3. Under Case, uncheck Forward or any other option you do or do not want to make available.


    • Sheri Hastings

      When you click on an incident from a report your are editing that incident.
      When you edit the incident the incident opens in the incident workspace assigned to the profile of the agent editing the incident.
      You can remove the forward from the incident workspace by editing the incident workspace for that agent (in the ribbon from the top menu)
      If you want the agent to be able to forward in certain cases but not in others you can add a workspace rule to that workspace to conditionally hide/show the ribbon button.