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    [Delivered] Option to create / refresh test site as sparse...
    Idea posted November 7, 2017 by ChrisBJourneyer, last edited June 4, 2018 by Ravi RaoRookie, tagged Other, System Admin and Configuration 
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    [Delivered] Option to create / refresh test site as sparse clone in Cloud Configuration Assistant
    User Story / Description:

    As a site administrator I need the option to create a new test site as sparse clone from the production site and be able to refresh an existing test site as sparse clone. I need to be able to perform these actions using the Oracle Service Cloud Configuration Assistant.

    Currently the only option is to "create test site" from production which will be a full clone. Under an existing test site the options are to "re-create test site" or "re-create and upgrade test site", both do not offer an option to choose a sparse instead of a full clone.

    This functionality used to be available in VCIO but does not seem to exist in the Cloud Configuration Assistant.



    • Baxter

      We feel this is a necessity as limiting availability of personal data is a key part of GDPR regulations coming in May 2017. It will be challenging enough controlling this on live environments, so do not want to multiply this by having duplication of it on non-production environments as well.

      With a sparse clone, the amount of data is limited and cleaning it up becomes manageable, so I fully support this idea, but if I could suggest another option - in addition to ability to request full or sparse clone, would be useful if clone of configuration only was possible, i.e. no Incidents, Contacts, Orgs etc.

    • Ronald Hileman

      I agree with the above. If we could create a SPARSE clone from the Cloud Configuration Assistant and possibly even restrict certain data, e.g., incidents, contacts, etc, that would decrease the "clean-up" efforts after the clone.

    • Simon Kilgarriff

      I agree with all comments above and would love to see such a feature.

    • Neil

      Adding my +1 to this.