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    Automatically email product manager when sending incident...
    Topic posted April 20, 2017 by OpieExplorer 
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    Automatically email product manager when sending incident response

    I have a product manager who would like to be copied on any responses we send to customers that involve his product.  I can't figure out what rules to set to make this happen.

    I want a rule that says: When an agent sends a response to a customer and "XYZ" text is in the subject, email a copy of the incident to this person.

    Help, please.



    Service Cloud Nov 2016



    • Justin

      I believe this should work


    • Opie

      I did try that type of rule in the STATES > EXISTING INCIDENT area, but that did not work.  Am I putting the rule in the wrong location?



    • Justin

      it could be in the wrong state, any easy way to check is to go to site config>logs and paste the incident # in and see if it even hit that rule. 

    • Justin

      I have cases where a rule has needed to be in every state because it could be needed in several places of the incident journey, so you could duplicate the rule and put it in every state until you see it hit in the logs. If it hits in the logs and the email still isnt generating then we know something with the rule will need to be tweaked. I personally dont like using plain text fields to trigger rules when possible. So if the product is indicated elsewhere like a menu field or the product hierarchy field, i would use that instead of running a contains rule against a text field that someone could misspell something in. 

    • Justin

      if contains XYZ doesn't work, my next guess would be using matches regular expression  XYZ | XYZ/. | ^XYZ | XYZ$

    • Carl Elliott

      You should also check the message template under the Administrator Emails / Incidents / Email Incident Information and make sure it is turned on.   

      If you need to have the same rule in a lot of states that would be the prime reason for a function.  Just call it then you only need one rule.  

      You need to check for case as well but the regular expression should work. 

    • Justin

      I agree that if you need the same set of rules (escalation rules for example), then you should use a function. But creating a function for one rule increases the overall number of rules for your process since you still have to create the rule in each state to kick off the function. They are more for utilizing a set/group of rules over and over by only having to create 1 rule per state for it instead of duplicating multiple rules in each state. 


    • Dietrik

      It might be better to schedule a report that sends the incident information once or twice a week to this product manager.

      This is much more practical and efficient.

      Or just have them log on to the console and look at the responses by a report.