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    "Edit" link on untitled panels
    Idea posted March 18, 2011 by Lauren RosencranzExplorer, last edited October 29, 2011, tagged Community 
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    "Edit" link on untitled panels
    User Story / Description:

    I am sure this has been suggested before but I can't find a discussion on it...

    When you create a panel that doesn't have a title, there should still be a link to edit that panel from the page where it is located. Today, you must go to settings, edit panels, and then hunt for the untitled panel in the list, which is tough doesn't have a title! Seems logical, right? Especially since the HL/RN platform leaves space for the title even if you don't use one instead of collapsing that area...



    • Adam Miller

      This is a good suggestion, Lauren. "Titleless" panels are a good tactic to present a more clean panel display in certain cases. It is a bit of an edge case; the majority of panels benefit from having a title. So we just need to accomodate that base a bit better, by still including the "edit" link in the blank title space. 

      And I don't think this idea has been submitted before, so thanks for taking the time.



    • Mike Alber

      +1 from me on this.

      I too would find it useful to be able to edit titleless panels without having to navagiate through the settings pages to hunt for them.


    • eleep

      Agree! Thanks for taking the time to participate and share your idea!

    • David Fowler

      I agree this can be a pain and would love to see the edit option always visible in admin status. If this is something being worked on it may tie in with one of my suggestions ( around panel naming and how they work, killing 2 birds with one stone.