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    Adla S
    Open Chat in a Modal form on an external webpage (...
    Topic posted April 20, 2017 by Adla SWhiz, last edited April 20, 2017 
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    Open Chat in a Modal form on an external webpage ( through Engagement Engine)

    We have implemented reactive chat (Syndicated Condition Chat Link) through EE on external webpage.

    On the webpage we have a modal form which has the chat link. When a user clicks on chat link, I want to open the chat form inside the modal form and not in the webpage.

    Any ideas or suggestions how to achieve this?



    • Dietrik

      It will be hard to get all chat pages in a modal "form" on you site, or do you only want the name and email input form ? This last option will be much easier.

    • Adla S

      Hi Dietrik,

      Yes, we want the input Chat Launch form (name, email etc) as well as the Chat Landing page to open within the Modal Form. Please find the attached file with the details.

      Note: We are using EE for all our chat placements