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    New Service Request "status type" needed
    Idea posted April 23, 2018 by Mike RoysJourneyer, last edited August 15, 2018 by eleepHero, tagged Community, Customer Portal, System Admin and Configuration 
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    New Service Request "status type" needed
    User Story / Description:

    When creating a support ticket (Service Request) , the 'Waiting' status type can mean either 1) Oracle is Waiting for a response from the customer (us) or 2) Oracle is working on the issue internally but has not yet provided an update.

    It would be nice if there were 2 statuses, one for 'Waiting for Customer' and the other for 'Waiting for Oracle' (actual status values could be something else.)   That way when managing our tickets we can quickly see what tickets are waiting for our feedback.





    • Sebastiaan

      But you can create these 2 statuses (attached) and see in reports and workspaces which status you have selected. For your reports you simply use incidents.status_id instead of incidents.status_type Or do I misunderstand the question maybe?

      See the user doc for more info: Add or edit an incident status

      status.png (63KB)
    • Baxter

      Hi Mike - I think you are specifically referring to incidents you've logged with Oracle support, and would like them to adopt this so it's very clear who's responsible for the wait?

      If so, I agree. We're only shown Status Type on the service request history ( so perhaps there is already a status like this in use, it just isn't exposed to us currently.