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    IsDropDownOpen must be set to true to select an item
    Topic posted May 19, 2017 by JTExplorer 
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    IsDropDownOpen must be set to true to select an item

    Version: 16.5 (May 16)

    Has anyone experienced this error in frequency in the incident workspace and found a solution or workaround?

    Error: IsDropDownOpen must be set to true to select item

    Issue: Seems to lock the category or disposition dropdown and only remediation is for user to close incident and create a new incident.


    Version: 16.5 (May 16)



    • Scott Harwell

      Do you have any add-ins running?  Does the error occur if you disable those add-ins, just to try to narrow the focus to a product or add-in issue?  Just based on the error message, it could be anything; but, this is likely symptomatic of an add-in doing something incorrectly.

    • Pavol Procka

      We are lately also getting the same error randomly. We have added two new add-ins and I suspect it has to do with them. Unfortunately, from what I can say so far, the error comes quite randomly and not very often. As such since we do need the said add-ins active, I cannot really test without them.

      Also we are about to upgrade our OSvC version, so want to see if that maybe helps too before we put a lot of effort into troubleshooting it further.

    • Jens

      Pavol, which version are you using currently? A defect resulting in that error was fixed in the August 2017 release, and it was service packed back to the February/May 2017 releases. From the May 2017 SP2 release notes:

      An issue that could cause errors when using workspace rules with hierarchical drop-down menus, such as Disposition, Product, and Category, in chats and incidents has been resolved.

      Jens Lundell
      Oracle Service Cloud

    • Pavol Procka

      We are on May 2016, so I guess this answers my question. We are about to upgrade to 18A within the next month or so, so hopefully that will get rid of the error.

      Many, many thanks!

      If I could I would select your answer as the best one, but only the person who started the thread can do that so hopefully JT will read this too :)