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    Derek Blaylock
    Does Oracle offer predictive search on end-user pages?
    Topic posted May 9, 2016 by Derek BlaylockJourneyer 
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    Does Oracle offer predictive search on end-user pages?

    Hi all. Does anyone know if Oracle offers a "predictive search text" feature on end-user pages? My users access our knowledge base via a web portal. Their search patterns indicate they use fairly simple one- and two-word search terms; doing so results in a large set of search results. It would would be nice if the application offered suggestions as they typed, like Google, Amazon, and many other companies' keyword fields. Such a feature would help limit the number of Answers returned. 

    Thanks, Derek

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    • Melissa  Riley

      It does not but my company has created one. Please email me at if you are interested in speaking more about it. 

    • Dietrik

      As far as i''ve understood there's a form of auto complete on the roadmap for an upcoming release.