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    Auto-Closing Timeslots: Based on n# of Booked Activities
    Idea posted February 23, 2016 by Estefania Diez FernandezExplorer, tagged Field Service 
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    Auto-Closing Timeslots: Based on n# of Booked Activities
    User Story / Description:

    Today we can automatically close a Workzone based on time.  It would very helpful to be able to close the work zone if a certain number of activities have already been booked.

    What is requested is that the system allows an automated close based on the Time Slot in the same way it allows currently for the a certain time of the day.

    The benefit is that the quota could be closed for example when it reaches 90% rather than a time of the day. Currently if they set the automated closing time at (e.g.) 15:00 it can happen that at 14:00 the quota is already filled and during the remaining time, overbooking can occur.



    • Cathy Mikolajek

      Hi, Estefania!

      Thanks for submitting your idea to the Idea Lab.

      Need some clarification on your request.  I was wondering if you have you tried using the "% to Stop Booking" feature in Quota Management for time-slots and capacity categories?  Please let me know if this meets your needs of if there is additional quota close functionality you are still looking for.



      Oracle Field Service Cloud Product Management Team