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    Announcing Oracle Service Cloud 2018 Community All-Stars
    Entry posted May 3, 2018 by eleepHero, last edited May 22, 2018, tagged Awards, Member Spotlight 
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    Announcing Oracle Service Cloud 2018 Community All-Stars

    It’s an exciting time to be working in the customer experience space. You can map and create customer journeys that span systems and departments both online and offline, and generate unforgettable customer experiences and tangible results for your organization!

    But if we’re honest, it can be overwhelming time too. There are infinite possibilities on how solutions can be implemented, integrated and maintained. Best practices vary depending on your industry, company size, specifics of your implementation, etc. Customers’ expectations are being shaped by the likes of Amazon and Google. And don’t forget about the new privacy policy regulations, proliferation of channels, and the required technology framework upgrade.

    When facing this evolution, stay proactive and make sure you have access to trustworthy information and help. While many valuable resources exist, it’s impossible for curated materials to cover the infinite number of possibilities customer service practitioners, like you, encounter. That’s where the “power of the Community” comes in! It provides a place to ask, learn, explore and collaborate with other like-minded people.

    There is an elite group of individuals who truly embody the “power of the Community.” These individuals are proven experts, leaders and stewards in the Oracle Service Cloud Community (both here on these forums and beyond). These individuals generously offer their knowledge to help others find success. These elite members are truly All-Stars.

    It is my pleasure to introduce our 2018 Community All-Stars from all over the world:

    I wanted to add a few special call-out’s:

    • Four of this year's All-Stars, including Jessica Campbell, Pavol Procka, Richard Keevil and Zsolt Tolgyesi, are from customer organizations. This is a noteworthy accomplishment as our All-Star line-up has historically been dominated by partners.
    • Congrats to Hardik Gupta and Zsolt Tolgyesi whose Oracle Field Service Cloud expertise has helped jumpstart the Field Service forum.
    • Finally, we’d like to give special call-out to Simon Kilgarriff who qualified as an Oracle Service Cloud 2018 Community All-Star but recently joined Oracle as a CX Consultant. Of course, we’re not surprised Simon had this opportunity, and we’re excited to work with him on the Oracle team! smiley

    To become a Community All-Star, a member must demonstrate both expertise and a willingness to roll up his or her sleeves and be a leader within the Oracle Service Cloud Community. These members not only engage frequently, but also have a consistent track record of delivering quality responses. In other words, All-Star members know their stuff and are willing to share knowledge with their peers.

    This may take the form of consistently answering forum questions as well as contributing helpful content such as report recipes to the Analytics Cookbook, sample code, blog posts (such as Luis with his Doctor CX blog), etc. All-Stars contribute in varied ways, but each person's impact has a bigger ripple impact in the larger Service Cloud ecosystem. If you believe you have what it takes to be included amongst the best of the best, reach out to me for more info!

    Join me in thanking these All-Stars for giving generously of their time, knowledge and expertise to help everyone here be more successful at their job, using Oracle Service Cloud, and creating better customer experiences across the world.