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    [Delivered] Browser Control should not be set to IE...
    Idea posted June 4, 2015 by Marc GrantWhiz, last edited May 16, 2016 by JensInnovator, tagged Agent Desktop, Incident Management 
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    [Delivered] Browser Control should not be set to IE compatibility mode
    User Story / Description:

    As a user I need to be able to see websites within the console in order to minimise the number of applications I need to have open. Some sites I use for every incident do not support IE7 and therefore I cannot view them.

    The browser control is set to IE7 compatibility mode and this cannot be configured. IE7 is almost 9 years old and is used by fewer than 0.1% of users across the world and  IE8 will soon follow suit (1.0%). Therefore there are a growing number of sites removing support for these old browsers. This includes compatibility mode.

    Our users rely heavily on using for example. you can use this site to test. Also, please see the screenshot attached.

    This is a massive issue for us, so please can it be considered for a service pack.





    • Kai

      Hi all,

      after struggling about the same issue and spending most likely as much effort with that topic as everyone of you, it seems that there maybe a Workaround for this topic until Oracle will provide a fix.

      While searching for potential Solutions in the web (and the metatag suggestion is definitely not a solution), I found a lot of Statements in the web about switching off the IE7 compatibility mode in the local Windows registry. The only remaining piece of the puzzle was the exe file to include into the registry. Inbetween I have it (and many thanks to Chris for providing the Name of the file!). So the workaround in detail is (for a 32bit machine!):
      - execute regedit
      - go to path:

      insert there a new DWORD value: AddInProcess32.exe with a value of decimal 11000 for a IE11 Version. Other IE Versions you will find here:

      So after a reboot the Website connected to the called URL should be displayed in IE11 mode.

      Have successwink


    • Jens

      Hello everyone.

      This has been a tricky one! As described in Answer 6418 and 7795, the .NET browser control runs in IE7 compatibility mode. This is by design by Microsoft. If this causes problems we suggest you try to fix the web page code, or set the meta tag, as explained in 6418. If you are unable to do that, e.g. if you cannot change the web page code you will now have another option in the May 2016 release.

      The new feature utilizes the registry key that Kai mentions above, which sets the browser control to run in IE11 mode. A new profile option will configure the profile to have the registry key set on the user's PC upon login. Note that unchecking the checkbox will NOT remove the registry key. The reason is that the key may have been set manually (as Kai did) and the system cannot tell if it has been set manually or by this new feature. So, if we remove the registry key when the checkbox is cleared we would remove it for people that have set it manually.

      You also need to make sure the browser control runs in a separate process.

      Here are step by step instructions on how to enable the new feature (see attachment for pictures):

      1. Edit the profile for the agent(s) that you want to roll this out for. Enable the new "Set Browser Controls to use IE11 emulation mode" option on the Other tab on the Profile editor's first page ("Interfaces"). See picture 1.
      2. Make sure the browser control runs in a separate process:
        • First off, there is a new hidden configuration in May 2016 that controls this. If you upgrade to May 2016 from a previous release you don't have to change this configuration. But if you have a new May 2016 site you will have to ask your Oracle Account Manager or Technical Support to set the BROWSER_CONTROL_PI_ENABLED configuration. The reason why it is hidden is that running the browser in a separate process has caused problems for some customers with certain environments, so we want to make sure you properly test before enabling this.
        • You also have to configure the following options for the browser control in the workspaces designer:
          Uncheck "Open popups in new browser control"
          Uncheck "Send URL as Post Data"
          If you have an Application drop-down, make sure [No Value] is selected. See picture 2.
        • To verify that the browser runs in a separate process you can open a workspace with a browser control, then open task manager and make sure you have an AddInProcess32.exe process running.
      3. Tell agents to logout of all instances of the Agent Desktop and login again. You will now be able to see in the About dialog that browser controls run in IE11 compatibility mode. See picture 3.

      IMPORTANT: Do not roll this out to production users without testing it thoroughly first. Deploy it to a test profile first and test it. If it works, deploy it to a handful of agent for a few days, and if successful, slowly roll it out to more agents.

      Here's Microsoft’s documentation of the registry key:

      I am marking this Idea Delivered now. Try this feature out and if you have further requests feel free to create new Ideas. Thank you.

      Jens Lundell
      Oracle Service Cloud

    • Barrilito van Dijk

      Nice Jens, thanks for the update!!

    • Dietrik

      If I read correctly, it's enabled by default for an upgraded site ?

    • Gil Goldstein

      Why can't I see this option?

      There's no other option other than Session Timeout on the Other tab when I edit the necessary agent.

      Any idea what's missing?

    • Jens

      Hi Dietrik - can you clarify your question? What is enabled by default? The BROWSER_CONTROL_PI_ENABLED configuration is enabled by default for upgraded sites.

      Hi Gil - Have you upgraded your site to the May 2016 release and are you using the Enhanced Console?

      Jens Lundell
      Oracle Service Cloud


    • Dietrik

      Hi Jens, thanks for the update. It sounds a bit strange that the setting is enabled on upgraded sites but has to be switched on on new sites.