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    Sorting By Access Level (Answer.access_id)
    Idea posted February 7, 2017 by Stefano NgumaRookie, tagged Agent Desktop 
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    Sorting By Access Level (Answer.access_id)
    User Story / Description:

    As an administrator I need the ability to sort by any column on an Answer report, including Access Level (Answer.access_id), so I can sort the table of results without having to use the workaround of using rollups or exporting to excel.



    • Allan Schrum

      While not directly what you are suggesting, the Connect public APIs support ROQL (RightNow Object Query Language) which allows you to sort queries by Answer.AccessLevels.NamedIDList.ID. In Connect the Answer.access_id field is expanded to break out the access levels.



    • Kurt Helfrich

      Access levels are available in analytics, too, and you can sort by them there.  The one issue that can come up is if you have more than one access level applied to any given answer, since they both will show up in the field in a report.