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    Update your Community profile
    Topic posted October 8, 2014 by eleepHero, last edited February 11, 2017 
    Update your Community profile

    Why You Should Update Your Community Profile

    We want to get to know you! Updating your Community profile is an easy, great way to introduce yourself to other members and help build your personal brand. Plus, an updated profile helps other people recognize, remember and develop the right impression of you. Think how this could help you meet and network with other Community members at the Modern Service Experience! 

    Couple ways to make your profile shine:

    • Add an avatar. Your avatar lets other members quickly associate your questions and comments with a simple visual cue. Consider using the same image for your avatar that you use across other social networks to help build your personal brand. 

    And if you're more worried about personal privacy than personal brand-building, then use a picture of your favorite vacation place, pet, cartoon character, or something else that you like or relate to. 

    • Include your relationship to Oracle (e.g. customer, partner) and your organization. This helps us better understand who is using and benefiting from the community, track down info that could help resolve a problem/question you're having, and generally know where you are working wih Service Cloud.


    How to Update Your Community Profile

    • To update your Community Profile, Login >> Go to "My Account" >> Select "Community Profile" >> "Edit My Profile."  
    • Basic profile fields are required & visible to the public. These fields include:
      • Your avatar
      • Display name
      • Tagline
    • Extended profile fields are optional, and you can control whether they are visible publicly or to only other members of the Oracle Service Cloud Community.  These fields include:
      • Photo 
      • First & Last Name
      • Organization
      • Industry (public)
      • City 
      • State/Province (public)
      • Country (public)
      • Oracle Service Cloud products used
      • How long you've been using Oracle Service Cloud / RightNow
      • Twitter 
      • LinkedIn 
      • Website
      • About Me