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    [Under Consideration - Mobility Synch improvements] Invoke...
    Idea posted July 10, 2018 by Richard LairdExplorer, last edited August 9, 2018 by Mike WierzbowskiSpecialist, tagged Field Service 
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    [Under Consideration - Mobility Synch improvements] Invoke Mobility refresh (synchronisation) on property update
    User Story / Description:


    Since there isn't a way to automatically invoke a synchronisation in Mobility other than manually doing so, it would be a nice feature to allow a synch to occur when a specific Activity attribute is updated, meaning that the screen is automatically redrawn and showing the most up-to-date information to the Engineer.





    • Mike Wierzbowski

      Hi Richard,

      Thanks for sharing your idea with the Idea Lab.

      Data in mobility is refreshed at multiple points today. 

      Can you please provide the specific business challenge you are trying to solve?    

      Oracle Field Service Cloud Product Management Team

    • Richard Laird


      We have a Service Request action that will be invoked by the engineer while onsite with the customer. On the CRM side, we'd be polling for Service Requests of this type (via Subscription). Once we pick up on the Service Request, it would kick off a system process on our side, calling API's and awaiting the results of that process. Once the result had been obtained, we'd push this into OFS and update the relevant Activity property.

      If the Mobile client could be refreshed on receipt of this property being updated, it would allow the engineer to continue working while the process was happening, without the need for them to continually refresh the application, awaiting the update.


    • Ralf Fickert

      We are facing the same challenge and we were hoping that the OFSC Mobile App (  we installed on the smartphone , would show a notification to the technician when a new activity is assigned to him - specially while the screen is locked - Unfortunately this feature of the operating system notification is not available.

      Is there something on the roadmap to get the operating system notification feature available within the OFSC Mobile?

    • Mike Wierzbowski

      Hi Ralf,

      Your request to show notifications on a locked screen when using one of the installed apps is a duplicate request. 

      This is being considered for a future release.  


      Oracle Field Service Cloud

    • Mike Wierzbowski

      HI Richard,

      When Send Request operations require instant or near instant behavior/responses that need to be shown to the user we would recommend using the plugin framework. The plugin framework has been around for a few years and we keep adding improvements with every release.  A simple plugin could perform API calls to the appropriate system or middleware with the calls being synchronous or asynchronous. 

      If you need assistance we would also advise working with Oracle Consulting Services (OCS) to help solve your business needs.  They have access to Oracle Field Service Cloud implementation experts and have provided solutions to customers across a wide range of industries.


      Oracle Field Service Cloud Product Management Team

    • Renato Kermentz

      Hi Mike,

      Not sure if it's exactly the same request, but several customers have asked us if it would be possible, on Mobility interface (both accessed via browser or the app), that the activity list would be refreshed instantly when an activity was added or removed from the tech's route, without having to refresh (browser or app) or changing the context (e.g. navigating from activity list to activity details and then back). That would allow for immediately calling the tech's attention that something had been changed on his/her route.

      I understand that a similar notification - although via a different path - can be achieved by creating a message scenario step sending a message via Collaboration on either trigger (add or move), and we're even using it in some implementations, but the above is slightly different and it has been raised several times in different occasions, by different customers.

      Thanks !

      Renato Kermentz

    • Mike Wierzbowski

      Hi Renato,

      We are continually trying to find ways to improve mobility synchronization to improve the user experience.  These improvements need to be balance update frequency with things like device performance (e.g. battery life), network and operating expenses. Continually requesting data can very quickly drain the battery and it could be possible that the field resource runs of the battery live just when they need the device causing delays with completing the work (e.g. maybe the device was not fully charged or the charger malfunctioned causing the device not to charge or charge slow, etc...). Another consideration is operating expenses - in some areas there is no unlimited data and users pay for bandwidth so if requests are not optimized they user could see a lot of extra bandwidth with little return because updates are not happening often. 

      Marking this as under consideration because we will continually try to find ways to improve mobility synchronization to improve the user experience.  


      Oracle Field Service Cloud Product Management Team