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    Users can save chat logs via email
    Idea posted July 28, 2009 by SCSpecialist, last edited October 29, 2011, tagged Chat, Other 
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    Users can save chat logs via email
    User Story / Description:
    Suggestion: have an option for users to be able to have Chat logs sent to their emails



    • Danny
      We create an incident from each chat, and the chat log becomes part of the incident, which is sent to the user. Would this work in a different way?
    • Carol Volk
      It's a great idea.  Can you provide a little more information about how you'd use the emails? 
    • SC

      In saving the chat log and emailing requires more steps.

      I am suggesting giving the enduser an option (perhaps a button -email chat log to me) and when they clcik on the button the Chat log will be emailed to them. This reduces work on agents.

    • Sandy

      Would it be sufficient to provide this as a manual button in the UI for an agent or would you ever have a need to do it in an automated way based upon rules for that user? If the latter, then in what scenarios would you want to send email with the chat transcript?



      Product Management Team

    • SC
      I was referring to a manual button for the user so that users can save the Chat transcript. Users want to keep a record of the chat as evidence of advise given in the chat transcript. in this way users can click the button for a transcript to be sent to their email instead of having the agent to do this-saves agent's work.
    • David Shepherd-Gaw

      Looking for this as well. Our agency likes that feature: giving the customer the power and capability to email the transcript themselves. It would be great if this were added.

      The incident process has one too many steps for the's cumbersome.