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    Matthias Hintner
    Add a merge field into a question?
    Topic posted May 31, 2016 by Matthias HintnerExpert 
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    Add a merge field into a question?


    Anyone knows if it is possible to add a merge field directly into a question?

    For example, we would like to add the agent name into a Yes/No question. Question "Do you think agent X was knowledgeable?".

    Would it be as simple as "Do you think <agent_login> was knowledgeable?" or more like "Do you think <rn:merge field_name="incidents.assgn_acct_id" type="text"> was knowledgeable?"  or is that not possible at all?

    Our current solution would be to enter the merge field into the HTML content on the survey page above the question, however having the agent name in the question would make it more prominent.

    Unfortunately I cannot find any documentation on this.



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    • Carey Drake

      I don't think you can. However, you could get the same effect by using the "Split Question and Answer Tags" to add the question directly to the HTML content, and deleting the <rn:question> tags (leaving only the <rn:answer> tags), then adding the desired question text to the HTML content.

      You'd be left with something like:

      <p>Do you think <rn:merge field_name="incidents.assgn_acct_id" type="text"> was knowledgeable?</p>

      <rn:answer question_id="123">Answers for: Agent Knowledge</rn:answer>

      (Note: It might take a bit of playing with the formatting to get the question text to display with the same formatting as your other questions.)

    • Jody Rosher

      Has anyone managed to get this to work?

      I am not able to add "incidents.assgn_acct_id" as a merge field and have it display. I believe the issue is that it is not linking the Contact to any of the assigned Incidents.

      I can get Contact fields to work...

    • Jess Campbell

      Hi Jody,

      You should really create a new forum post to ask this question.

      I am not sure whether this is strictly possible, but I was able to add a tracked link immediately after a question (that appears to be part of the question) by splitting the question and answer tags.

      Have you tested to see whether you can merge this field at all? If there is no incident linked to the survey, it will not merge an incident field.