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    [In Development] Virtual Assistant on External Sites
    Idea posted April 21, 2016 by Narendra MuttineniGrand Master, last edited December 6, 2017 by JessicaBGuru, tagged Virtual Assistant 
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    [In Development] Virtual Assistant on External Sites
    User Story / Description:

    It would be good if we can display the Virtual Assistant on external site. We have  a use case where the customers wants to get the Virtual Assistant on External site. of course we can display the virtual assistant on RightNow server pages. 





    • Mandy Schiffrin

      Hi Narendra,

      Sorry for the delay in replying - I somehow missed this post!

      Nice idea!  However, the customer would have to be willing to pay for the traffic from the external website.  I believe that there might be some complications with licencing too.  I was talking with one of our customers who was asking whether it would be possible to charge one of their partners for the traffic coming from the partner website to chat/VA. 

      We have already been thinking about this use case, and will let you know how the product develops after its release.

      Best wishes,


    • lbriggs

      A Few years back at the last Summit in Colorado.  VA was demoed and we were told at that time that we could be able to simple add it to external systems adding widgets. Now that we have finally be able to upgrade since then we are now looking at this as well.  Since we have a web system that was designed with very little built in help and the user now have to log into another system to access our RightNow knowledge base.  We were looking to provide them with the VA in the other system so that they will now have help and access the KB in one location instead of having to be in two system.



    • Mandy Schiffrin


      I guess there was some ambiguity in the original question.  If you mean your own site (just not part of the custhelp pages), then yes, when it's released and available, VA should be able to be placed outside of the customer support pages.  I took the original question to mean an external site (not your own site, but for example, a partner's website).  Maybe I misunderstood the first question?