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    Hanna Page
    Chat configuration for when no agents logged in
    Topic posted June 16, 2017 by Hanna PageExplorer 
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    Chat configuration for when no agents logged in

    Hi there-

    Currently our chat is set up on a specific interface to send all chat requests from that interface to a queue.  If an agent is not logged in for this queue, it currently states chat is unavailable.  

    We would like it to still allow customers to chat, even though no one is available for that queue on that interface.  We would like these chat requests to rollover to a different queue in an allotted amount of time. If an agent is logged in to that queue but has no available sessions, we want the chat to wait for that queue to come available and not rollover. The rollover should only happen if there are no agents logged in at all for that queue.  

    We do have this successfully set up on a different interface where we are using products.  Is there any way to not use products to still get the desired outcome?




    • JessicaB

      Hi Hanna - Can you elaborate on why this isn't working when products aren't in use? I would imagine you can route chats to the Default queue, then use business rules to route from there. If you want to provide more specifics, we'd be happy to help. -Jessica

    • Hanna Page

      Thanks for your response, Jessica! 

      We have an interface that is set up slightly different than our main .custhelp page.  The interface in question is not routed by product and only interface/queue through chat rules. When no agents are available for that queue due to sessions being full, it shows that chat is available, Once that chat is submitted the customer is  "waiting" until someone with that queue has an open session.

      In the chance that there are no agents logged in at all with that queue, we want chat to still show available, but to go straight to our rollover queue, so that those customers are at least being engaged by our support.  We want the rollover to only take effect if no agents are even logged in for the actual queue in question, not to be based on session limit. 

    • JessicaB

      Hi Hanna,

      I want to confirm a few things...

      • The chat button will always show
      • If there are agents available in Queue 1, then chat is routed to Queue 1
      • If there are agents logged in (but not available) to Queue 1, then chat is routed to Queue 1, and the end-user will wait for an unlimited amount of time to be serviced by agents in Queue 1
      • If there are no agents logged in to Queue 1, then escalate to Queue 2

      Is that accurate?

    • Hanna Page

      Hi Jessica - 

      Yes that is exactly what I am looking to try and do. Just to let you know, I do utilize the Engagement Engine too, so if this could be something set up in that instead of the normal business rules in the console that is an option for me as well.