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    Sanal Santhosh
    Survey sending through SMS
    Topic posted June 28, 2017 by Sanal SanthoshWhiz, last edited June 28, 2017 
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    Survey sending through SMS

    Hi All,

    I would like to send an SMS to the customer with a survey URL in it. I am finding it difficult to associate survey results with the Incident and contact. 

    Can anyone help me on this by suggesting a solution.

    Thanks in advance.



    Sanal Santhosh




    • Arpit Saxena

      Hi Sanal,

      How is your survey designed ? What are conditions on which you are triggering the Survey ? Can you share a screenshot of what issue you are facing ?


    • Hanna Abi Akl


      I too would be very interested in such a solution. Some of our customers often miss the survey emails that are sent to them so sending an SMS would surely add a personal flavor to it!



    • Sanal Santhosh

      Hi Arpit,

      I am using weblink survey for this but unable to associate survey results with the Incident and contact.

      The following approaches have been tried out:

      1. Called weblink survey URL through a custom script and appended contact and incident to the survey URL. After submitting the survey, getting redirected to custom URL(custom page). With this approach, I am getting the contact and incident through request but unable to get survey result on that page.

      2. Tried to set or merge contact and incident in HTML content of weblink survey page by getting the url parameters using javascript. With this approach, I am getting the value through javascript in HTML content page but I unable to set the value of merge fields (contact and incident) in the corresponding page.


      Can anyone help me on this by suggesting a solution or any other approach to follow.


      Thanks in advance.



      Sanal Santhosh

    • Sean Austin

      Hi Sanal,

      You might consider using the field parameters to pass a contact value such as their email address as part of the survey link that is sent via SMS.  You could have the contact form field embedded as a hidden div in the survey in an HTML block and it would get the contact value from the field parameter in the URL.  We did something similar and the only challenge was that we had to incorporate a URL shortener because SMS clients kept truncating those long survey URLs.


    • Madhusudana Raju

      Can you able to get the Survey url in the SMS

    • Luiz Amberleaf

      Hi  Sanal,


      Did you solve this problem? I'm trying to identify the correct one. I tried to do something similar to Sean sugestion, using the e-mail field as a hidden form field, however we enable the E-mail Sharing capability, and some of our contacts have the same e-mail and this could result in surveys being counted towards the wrong Contact. Do you have any suggestion?