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    Relative Calculations
    Idea posted April 15, 2015 by Ryan SchofieldMaster, tagged Agent Desktop, Incident Management, Reporting 
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    Relative Calculations
    User Story / Description:

    I could have sworn this was already an Idea but I can't find it. If it is duplicate can someone provide me the link?

    The forums are crawling with discussion about being able to do more with relative date calculations. I'm requesting the ability to use the rel_date_diff function as a nested function in analytics as well as within workspaces. Within Analytics I want to be able to use this function without the existing restrictions. On workspaces (such as incident) I want to be able to use this function to display calculated values.



    • Lisa Howe
      This would be very beneficial for the reports we use also.‚Äč
    • Amy Xin

      This will be so helpful.

      I want to be able to format the calclated relative data  results in the workspace!

      Kind Regards,


    • Ryan Schofield

      I'm surprised no-one has commented more on this. Given all the upheaval in the past over the rel_date_diff function, am I just missing something? Have people gotten around the limitations somehow? I'm now experiencing another scenario where I NEED the rel_date_diff function nested in a report as there is no other way to get the data I want without running lots of separate reports.

      Or is anyone able to find if I've posted a duplicate Idea?

    • Shannon Blumer

      I don't know if this is a duplicate idea or what, but I definitely back this idea!   I am somewhat new to this and am really struggling with not being able to use rel_date_diff in filters or nested within other calculations/functions.   I know it has been mentioned that this can be gotten around with custom scripting but that seems more complicated than it needs to be (not to mention, custom scripting is quite beyond me at the moment)

    • Sara Knetzger

      Just adding my two cents here.  

      Having the ability to use the rel_date_diff function in an expression would be extremely helpful to me. I'm working on a report to display the volume of incidents that are unresolved and outside of various Queue SLAs.  I can't use the SLA functionality because each queue has it's own SLA - it's not specific to the Org or the Contact and incidents move between queues depending on the type of request.  

      This is what I would like to use in my report (this example is for a 3 business day SLA):

      count(if(rel_date_diff(sysdate(), incidents.created, incidents.rr_id)> 86400, 1, 0))

      I think I finally have the syntax correct, but now I'm getting the error that the "rel_date_diff" can't be used in an expression sad.


    • Charlie Mopps

      I'm embarrassed every time I have to tell a user I can't calculate time and subtract business and holiday hours. 

    • Gregg Kosel

      In addition to the nesting capability, I have had occasions where I have wanted to create an exception and found that it is not capable of doing this.

    • Sebastiaan

      Even though I completely agree with all the above comments and voted for this idea, there is (for the meantime) a workaround that allows for business day calculation and substract holidays. It does however require some code and this code would have to be manually changed when holidays change (it is possible to program a few years ahead). I know this is not ideal but if it is a customer requirement it could be a solution.

      Helpful Formula - Business Days Calculation, Date_Diff