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    Make login name case insensitive
    Idea posted February 10, 2017 by Brian DwyerJourneyer, last edited February 10, 2017, tagged Customer Portal 
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    Make login name case insensitive
    User Story / Description:

    The login field is currently case sensitive so you can have multiple user accounts with the exact same username but the only difference is the case.

    When it comes to logging in or requesting a password reset users have a habit of not typing thinks in exactly how they should be so there will be issues with it sending a password reset to the wrong user or locking out the wrong account following multiple failed login attempts.

    If you could set it to be case insensitive like the email address is this could stop any issues further down the line as more users are added to the system.

    Thank you




    • Sebastiaan

      Hi Brian.

      While this setting is not available yet. You might be able to customize the PHP script for the input field for username and password reset field so that all characters entered there are converted to lowercase automatically. That way the usernames in your system are always lowercase which also converts the pasword reset field to lowercase.

      PHP strtolower() Function

      Convert all characters to lowercase

      • bdwyer becomes bdwyer 
      • Bdwyer becomes bdwyer 
      • BDWYER becomes bdwyer 

      Please read this article for more information.

      I hope this will point you in the right direction.

    • Brian L.

      Just to add that this "case sensitive" user name requirement causes issues with SAML SSO. Our external user database has the usernames in all capitals (for most users). If we don't configure the usernames in OSC as all capitals, the authentications will fail when SSO tries to match them. It can be extremely frustrating.

    • Sebastiaan

      In that case I reccoment the implementation of:

      PHP strtoupper() Function
      Convert all characters to uppercase:

       echo strtoupper("Hello WORLD!");

      Having this implemented on your CP will convert every username into uppercase

      • bdwyer becomes BDWYER
      • Bdwyer becomes BDWYER
      • BDWYER becomes BDWYER
    • Brian L.

      To clarify - I am referring to Agent Desktop usernames, not Customer Portal user names. Also, the all-uppercase is not consistent across our Active Directory (don't ask me why, not my wheelhouse) - if the OSC usernames were not case sensitive, it would make our login troubleshooting much easier.

    • Sebastiaan

      Thanks for clarifying Brian.

      Yeah in that case I do not see a solution...
      I voted in case it makes any difference.